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FEMUA 11 officially launched: large joints unveiled

Considered one of the essential cultural events in Sub-Saharan Africa, Femua 2018 will take place from April 17 to 22 on the banks of the Ebrié lagoon and in Korhogo.

As a prelude to this important meeting, was held this Thursday, March 15 at Azalai Hotel, the grand launching ceremony, in front of a group of guests.

Traoré Salif says A’asalfo on the occasion, delivered the highlights of this new edition. Which will revolve around 5 main axes. Namely, the social component of Femua, sports activities, the scientific component, the Femua kids and the much anticipated musical component.

The theme of the event “Youth and illegal immigration”, said the Commissioner General: “It will be at the heart of the festival, because it is a worrying subject to which we will have to find solutions as soon as possible”.

To this end, Commissioner General A’salfo has announced the organization of major days of reflection with young people. 150,000 festival-goers, 180 journalists are expected at Femua 11.

About fifteen artists from Africa and Europe will be in attraction on the big concert stage.


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