This is Initiated in 2008 by Mr. TRAORE Salif (A'salfo) Lead Vocal of the MAGIC SYSTEM group, the idea of producing a festival (FEMUA) stems from the desire to offer a show with the biggest stars on the planet, at village which adopted it as well as its friends, starting point of their success.
The Anoumabo Urban Music Festival, abbreviated as FEMUA, begins and its attractions are growing.

From 2008 to now, the Anoumabo Urban Music Festival (FEMUA) has grown to the point of creating enormous organizational pressure. Offer a better FEMUA at each edition.
International stars follow one another, activities come to reinforce the content of the festival, the advertisers are signaling themselves more and more with for actor, a voluntary committee made up of sectoral professionals.

Today, FEMUA has an institutional reputation and is one of the major attractions beyond the borders of Côte d'Ivoire.

An event of a social, cultural, economic and tourist nature, FEMUA contributes to bringing joy to the poorest populations and allows them to realize their dreams by receiving on the same stage, in their environment, the biggest stars on the planet and thereby promote our beautiful country.

FEMUA, which defines itself as one of the biggest festivals in sub-Saharan Africa, is held annually in a cosmopolitan city.

Since its creation, it has many social actions to its credit, thus, we can cite among others, the rehabilitation and the equipment of hospitals, orphanages, nurseries, donations to refugees and the construction of schools
primary and kindergarten.

In addition to the cultural and social aspect, this festival offers a platform for exchanges between cultural professionals, artists, festival-goers and media people; through workshops and training seminars on themes specific to their corporation.

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