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Partnership Signature with the Luc Setondji Foundation

Magic System Foundation (Côte d’Ivoire) and Luc Sètondji Atropko Foundation (Benin) signed a partnership agreement this Thursday, February 17, 2022, in Abidjan.

This partnership aims to share experience in the fields of health, environment, education, social and events, with the focus on setting up an international festival. for the city of Cotonou like FEMUA.

Magic System Foundation’s choice for this transnational collaboration is based on its recognized know-how in the aforementioned fields.

To this end, Mr. Luc Atropko, president of the LSA Foundation (Benin) and also mayor of Cotonou, in front of the press, specified: “We have observed and we have noted that there is something human that done here >>.

For Mr. Salif Traore, President of the Magic System Foundation, it is important to unite in order to federate all efforts to improve the daily lives of the populations of Africa.

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